Case studies
5 June 2017

Working With Growing Companies

Our primary objective for all our clients is to take a consultative approach. Many of our clients have faced rapid periods of expansion over the last number of years, however their Foreign Exchange policies have remained the same since inception.

Often relying on their banks to make foreign payments with little knowledge of related costs. Clear Treasury will work alongside your finance team, providing price benchmarking on all transaction to ensure cost is kept to a minimum, while speed of settlement is at a maximum. One example of this was a growing software company, significantly expanding its operations. As they grew their exposures to different currencies grew, they relied on their banking relationships to complete their transactions.

Upon analyzing their payment flow, Clear Treasury was able to save them up to 2.5% on their transaction costs, while also increasing the speed of settlement from 4 days to 2, and in many cases allowing for same day settlement. Proving peace of mind that transaction settled in a timely, cost effective manner.