Corporate Finance Consulting

Clear Treasury is an international corporate finance consultancy offering an array of specialist services across strategic and operational treasury assignments.

Our senior staff are all ex-bankers with over 50 years of unrivalled experience, giving us a true understanding of how banks price their loans and derivative structures. This specialist insight allows us to deconstruct your banks pricing, add real value and give you informed corporate finance advice and corporate treasury consulting solutions.

We add further value by providing innovative solutions that are entirely bespoke to every client’s needs. Unlike a bank salesperson, we are not incentivised to recommend any particular product or instrument, simply to provide our clients with the support they need to make an informed decision and the best possible outcome.

Any organisation raising new debt or equity capital or looking to manage their treasury exposures (interest rate, foreign exchange, commodities, inflation) could benefit from our hands-on management approach.

Our Services

Specialising in the debt and derivative markets, we enable our clients to meet their financial objectives through the provision of considered financial risk management advice and support. We introduce and arrange capital for businesses and projects in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

We also act as a conduit between you and your bank managing hedge auctions, price benchmarking swaps and introducing new hedge counterparties where appropriate. In addition to this, we also review and implement treasury policies and systems. Learn more about our corporate finance consulting services, from corporate finance advisory and corporate liquidity management to interest rate hedging and real estate debt advisory.