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  • Cheaper than the banks
  • First class customer service
  • Safe and secure

Foreign exchange risks are not only experienced by businesses making international payments but by anyone who has to make or receive a payment in a foreign currency. At Clear Treasury, our experienced dealers can talk you through the risks involved with private foreign currency exchange, highlighting areas where high street banks and other brokers can mislead you. We provide continuous support through the process to give you the peace of mind you are exchanging at a good time.

Learn more about our foreign exchange services, from corporate fx and foreign exchange risk management to international money exchange for private clients.

Keep more of your money when you transfer with Clear Treasury

£10,000 will get you

+ Fee

Clear Treasury €11,580.10

No Fees

Barclays €11,142.09


Natwest €11,020.95


Lloyds bank €10,928.92


HSBC €10,872.47


These exchange rates were obtained online at 15.45 17th May 2017 based on sending an international money transfer of £10,000 in €s.

Our fees are also lower than banks
Transfer Amount Transfer Fee
Under £3,000 £9
Over £3,000 FREE

How it works

Sign up online - Straightforward process that only takes three minutes to complete

Speak with an account manager or trade online

Confirm your favourable exchange rate and receive a trade confirmation instantly

Set up your transfer – find our bank details attached to the trade confirmation

Your requested funds are transferred

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