Making risk work for you

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service providing strategic and operational analysis on how to manage financial risk across different landscapes.

Unlike conflicted banks that make money by selling hedge products, we offer an unbiased and honest risk assessment and show you the best way to control your material financial risks – even if that means doing nothing at all. Our expert consultants can advise you on how best to manage your exposure to interest rate changes, foreign exchange, commodities and inflation with realistic, tailored strategies.

We also act as a conduit between you and your bank, managing hedge auctions, price benchmarking hedge transactions and, where appropriate, introducing new hedge counterparties. Experts in financial derivatives, we can help resolve disputes that may arise with your bank or non-bank hedge provider. And with our far-reaching network of London contacts, we can introduce you to new funding partners with the external capital to help grow your business.

Advice with an outcome

We specialise in the debt and derivative markets, helping businesses in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe hit their financial objectives with informed advice and support. Proactive and hands-on, our approach offers great value to any business raising new debt or equity capital or looking to manage treasury exposures like interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities and inflation.

Our service doesn’t just stop at pure consultancy. We tailor advice to an outcome – creative, realistic solutions bespoke to each business we work with based on expertise garnered from more than 50 years of collective banking experience. By deconstructing your bank’s pricing we give you accurate financial advice and, as we’re not incentivised to recommend specific products or services, independent solutions.