Real estate debt

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Traditionally, property developers and investors in the UK and Ireland have used the large retail and commercial banks to obtain financing. But since the financial crisis, structural and regulatory changes like Basel III to the finance property market, coupled with poor lending decisions, have made property – and especially development – less attractive to the banks.

In their place a new breed of alternative lenders has emerged, creating greater choice in a more fragmented real estate market. We have forged strong relationships with a range of these lenders across the whole of market to make sure we can source a funding solution that meets your objectives and optimises price and flexibility.

We are perfectly located in one of the world’s financial capitals to source the products that will generate the capital you need to buy, develop or refurbish your property. Once we have understood your risk exposure and objectives, we make use of our huge network of contacts to help get the best possible deal for your property portfolio.

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