Foreign exchange

Foreign exchange

Strategies that create stability

We provide insight, stability and expert advice to businesses conducting foreign exchange in the global currency market.

Dynamic and inherently unpredictable, the fluctuating foreign exchange market can significantly impact your commercial viability, competitiveness and cash flow. Through technical and fundamental analysis we demonstrate the risks each individual currency faces and offer not predictions, but guidance and strategies to help minimise that risk for your specific transactions.

We can help you understand and use the right hedging products with our FX execution service.

Set strong foundations

Experience has taught us that there is no generic solution and that each business and industry faces its own unique risks. We work with you to define your risk profile based on the currencies you transact in and then devise bespoke hedging strategies that help you know when and how much currency to buy using spot and forward contracts, options and structured products. This approach helps control your exposure to volatile exchange rates and adds long-term security and value to your business.

Your objective isn’t to beat the currency market but to beat your competition with robust risk management strategy and execution.

We can help you manage your financial risk with our FX consultancy service.