Foreign exchange

FX Execution

Rock solid decision making

We help protect your bottom line from the unpredictability of currency markets using spot, forward contracts, options and structured products.

We take a hands-on approach to dealing with more complex forward contracts, options and structured products. Working closely with you, our consultancy experts advise and guide you in making the right decisions to balance acceptable risk against the level of long-term security you need. This focus on adding value coupled with our deep experience across sectors has established us as the preferred treasury specialists for businesses around the world, on hand to face whatever challenges the markets offer.

Take control of your risk

Whether taking care of everyday operating transactions or defining a foreign exchange strategy to meet your business needs, our approach is always clear.

Understand your business

By taking the time to understand how your business operates financially, what its goals and objectives are, we can provide a more targeted, effective service.

Benchmark FX impact

We review and highlight the current foreign exchange costs your business faces to give you a clear understanding of what steps to take next.

Analyse costs and revenues

We look at your international costs and revenues, including their frequency and volume, to understand how best to reduce transaction costs and transfer fees and improve your margins.

Tailor an FX strategy

With a complete understanding of all affecting factors, we create a bespoke foreign exchange risk and execution strategy targeted to maximising your long term efficiency and reducing costs.

Streamline your payments

With international payments a daily necessity for many businesses, we have developed our own bespoke online payments platform that dramatically streamlines the process.

Catering to more than 45 currencies across 130+ countries, it helps you make, manage and track all your transactions from one easy-to-use, completely secure online platform. And our dedicated payments specialists are always on hand to answer any questions or resolve any issues that may arise.