Commodity Investment


We offer our commercial and institutional customers a comprehensive array of commodities, products and services to cater for their treasury requirements. Please see below the list of commdity products we can assist on:



SME Lending
SME Lending
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Trade Finance
Trade Finance
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Access to:

  • Fuel hedging - transport companies and airlines
  • Dairy hedging - dairy producers, processors, traders and end-users
  • Livestock and Meats - livestock producers and meat manufacturers develop and implement risk management plans for both input costs and protein output
  • Grains and Oilseeds - Services to elevators, substantial private companies in the grain business, traders, processors, manufacturers and end-users.
  • Metals – Physical metals trading, LME, COMEX Futures, Options & Cleared OTC, Precious metals, OTC Structured products
  • Energy - We provide companies with the solutions, tools and platforms necessary to meet budgets, stabilise input prices and purchase more competitively, and we offer unique sales and contracts and secure margins to retailers, End Users Government entities, Natural Gas and Electricity marketers.
  • Softs – Coffee, Sugar, Coca
  • Forest products – Softwood lumber trading.

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