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FX Strategy

We help protect your bottom line from the unpredictability of currency markets.

Managing risk

Strategies that create stability

Dynamic and inherently unpredictable, the fluctuating foreign exchange market can significantly impact your commercial viability, competitiveness and cash flow.

Experience has taught us that there is no generic solution and that each business and industry faces its own unique risks. We work with you to define your risk profile based on the currencies you transact in and then devise bespoke hedging strategies that help you know when and how much currency to buy using spot and forward contracts, options and structured products. This approach helps control your exposure to volatile exchange rates and adds long-term security and value to your business.

Take a strategic approach

We have an established and proven four-step approach to advising you on the best foreign exchange strategy.

Icon representing Identify the risk

Identify the risk

There are several different types of risk a business can face, such as transactional, translational and economic risk. Our first step is to identify which most applies to you.

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Assess the risk

Levels of risk can vary depending on the scale of your exposure to it and how much you consider acceptable. We conduct a full review to establish how material it is to you.

Icon representing Devise a strategy

Devise a strategy

Once we know how material your risk level is, we explore the best ways to control it using forward contracts, stop losses, limit orders, and more. We present you with a clear, easy-to understand strategy explaining your risk profile and next course of action.

Icon representing Review and refine

Review and refine

With your strategy defined and implemented, we continue to review and assess how it is performing. In the volatile currency market, this is particularly important so we can react and update your strategy as the landscape changes.

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Your objective isn’t to beat the currency market but to minimise your exposure through deploying a robust risk management strategy and execution.

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